What we can offer you at GHD Hartmann

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The team of GHD Hartmann consists of more than 220 employees working in different departments. Many of the employees come from Delbrück and the surrounding towns and have been working for GHD Hartmann for many years, often since teaching and continuing education. The team is made up of all ages, so experiences and ideas can be communicated and exchanged in each area.

Developments and improvements in the production process are constantly taking place. Customized solutions and new machine types are the result of close cooperation with our partners and the constant commitment and inventiveness of our employees.

GHD Hartmann plans and manufactures all machines exclusively at the Delbrück site. Therefore, all areas for the implementation of customer projects are represented and involved in the house. This structure makes it possible to implement customer requests to a very high degree. The quality of the components, machines and plants is ensured by the high level of vertical integration at GHD Hartmann.

In addition to individual machines, the proportion of customer-oriented special solutions is constantly increasing. By an exclusively order-related production region-specific and just as sophisticated solutions can be delivered.

Our service operates worldwide and is supported in the team by regional representative technicians. In addition to customer visits for planned maintenance work, the installation of new systems, modification or expansion of existing machines offers the opportunity to gain personal experience and impressions of other countries and people.