Partners and connections

Goals can only be achieved with good partners.

In addition to our cooperation with international agencies, GHD Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH is represented in national and international associations to support specific requirements and developments, and to be able to optimally implement the interests, wishes and goals of our customers.

The basis for quality is the long-standing relationships with suppliers of raw materials, components and services, which are constantly being expanded and developed in order to meet worldwide requirements.



BEMA - Association of Bakery Machine Manufacturers and Interested Parties


By sharing information, actively participating in committees, and attending training seminars, BEMA members can continually increase the efficiency and sophistication of their equipment while maintaining design in accordance with the codes of the Back Industry Standards Committee (BISSC).


IVLV - Industrial Association for Food Technology and Packaging e.V.

In the knowledge network of the Industrial Association for Food Technology and Packaging e. V. (IVLV) already benefit over 180 member companies of the

    Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, the

    Packaging and packaging material production and the

    packaging engineering


WIPOTEC-OCS is the innovative and reliable partner for high-performance, process- and customer-oriented weighing and inspection solutions. As a 100% subsidiary of WIPOTEC, one of the world's leading companies in dynamic weighing technology and product control with more than 25 years of market experience, WIPOTEC-OCS stands for exceptional manufacturing quality "Made in Germany", maximum flexibility and deep industry expertise.




Cleaner for the food industry.