Machine history

Machines for bakery production

L-Sealer Unit SW 40

Machine for wrapping and sealing products with foil as transport and storage packaging

GHD Hartmann - SW 40
Packaging machine GBK 240 for WrapClose

Automatic packing and closing of bags with a "WrapClose" wrap closure and label sticker application inside the machine.

GBK 240 WrapClose
Closing machine EC 103

Modification of the closing machine EC 101 H, but equipped with a closing unit for tape (Thurne).

Reciprocate slicer GS 60 XL and GS 60 XXL

For multi-lane slicing of products, the machine types XL and XXL are available for working widths of up to 550 mm and 750 mm. Especially South American sweet pastries can be processed excellently with these tailors with great performances.

Closing machine EC 108 „Umbrella“

Special system with an integrated sealing and closing system. Open bags are sealed, the bag frill is folded in motion and completed with an additional closure such as Kwik-Lok® or Schutte Clipps®. The device creates the "Hartmann umbrella look", which is particularly popular in Asia.

EC 108 Umbrella
Pilling automat STV 40

Machine for single or multi-lane stacking of flatbread or Lebanese bread.

STV 40
Grouping-carrousel VD 1 and VD 2

For separating and aligning hamburgers, hot dogs, bread rolls or similar products. Feed with a disordered product stream. Depending on the capacity requirement, versions as a single to quadruple system are possible.

Pilling automat STV 30

Machine for multi-lane simultaneous stacking of small, flat products.

STV 30
Sealing machine EC 102

Modification of the closing device EC 101 with an integrated sealing system instead of a system for applying clip closures or other closures. Different types are offered with or without inclination of the product table.

Reciprocate slicer GS 60

Extension of the slicer program with a reciprocate slicer for sugary products that can not be processed by means of a band slicer.

GS 60 alt
Pilling automat STV 60

Machine with three-line infeed and turning cassettes for significantly higher performance, based on the STV 50.

Packaging machine VS 320 S

Shortened version of the classic VS 320 for small product stacks. The shortened version allows higher cycle speeds.

Multiple disc slicer DS

Disc slicer for simultaneous multi-lane slicing of burgers, hotdogs and similar products.

Discschneider DS
Slicer Selectra SL 30 XLS

Band slicer Selectra SL 30 with wide drum design for the integration of an adjustable blade guide. This design allows a much larger adjustment range for the disc thickness.

Circular disc slicing line KM 600 P with portioning machine AP 60

The first system that enables the industrial-scale slicing of baguette through a combination of X-ray scanner, circular knife slicer and portioning machine. Further components of the line later receive independent designations. The plant will later receive an IBA Award.

Kreismesserlinie GHD Hartmann KM 600 P
Closing machines EC 101 KS and EC 101 IS

In addition to the EC 101 HS, the versions EC 101 IS and EC 101 KS are also available as short versions “S” of the original machines.

EC 101 IS
Closing machine EC 101 HS

Small version of the EC 101 H for tight spaces.

EC 101 HS
Separating turntable VDD

Machine for separating small bakery goods. Classic use for unloading baking trays with burgers or bread rolls. Usually in conjunction with subsequent (partial) manual work steps.

Hartmann VDD
Band slicer BS 10

Simple vertical slicer for splitting products.

Slice Turning and grouping system ST

The one to ten-lane device (ST 1 to ST 10) automatically separates the sliced ​​loaves.

Circular disc slicer KM 600

This machine is an elementary part of an independent plant for slicing and portioning long bread bars up to 3 m in length.

KM 600
Closing unit C 10

As an installation unit in foreign packaging machines for attaching an additional clip closure.

Stacking machine STV 50

Machine for small flat products. The machine stacks and rotates the two-lane stack by 90 ° for optimized grouping prior to packaging.

STV 50
Slicer Selectra SL 25

The band slicer Selectra SL 25 is the performance class between the SL 20 and SL 30 slicers. It fits perfectly with the GBK 220 or VS 320 packaging machine.

Sl 25 Hartmann alt
Automatic packaging machine VS 320 SV 12 T

The packaging machine VS 320 SV 12 T is a special development for the packaging of tortilla bags. The bag bottom is welded. Drives with servo motors. At first 12 “diameter, later also an additional version with product diameters up to 14”.

VS 320 SV
Closing machine EC 101 H

Machine for manual filling of bags with automatic closing.

EC 101 H old
Disc-Slicer HS 4

To increase the performance of two-lane disc slicers. Versions with several slicing stations for wedge cutting or double butterfly cutting are also offered.

Slicer Selectra SL 60

Presentation of the Slectra SL 60 tailor in high-end industrial equipment.

Peeling machine BS 20

Peeling machine for removing the bread crust of toasted bread.

Erste Schälmaschine BS 20
Autoload machines ALID, ALIK, ALIQ, ALL1 and ALL2

Starting in 2005, various systems will be developed and sold to address the diverse grouping needs and packaging needs. Basically, depending on the packing scheme, there are systems in line or in a 90 ° arrangement of the machines. In addition to the possibility to load one or two layers, there are possibilities for turning the products during loading.

Hartmann line distribution systems

In line with customer requests, Hartmann will increasingly offer line distribution systems for the automatic distribution and feeding of products from 2004 onwards. These systems control the product flow to the individual slicing and packaging lines. In addition to the SLVS control system, a line distribution system also includes customer-specific transport conveyors, line distributors and product-specific separation systems.

Hartmann Linienverteilsystem SLVS
Auto Load Line

First stand-alone version of a grouping line and feeder type AL 50 for burger rolls in combination with a packaging machine GBK 420.

Bagel grouper BGA

Originally intended for the North American market, but used worldwide to group bagel products.


Slicer Selectra SL 28 XL

Broader version of the Selectra SL 28 for products up to 550 mm.

Closing machine EC 155

The closing machine EC 155 is used to close large-volume, vertically filled bags.


EC 155
Slicer Selectra SL 28

The Selectra SL 28 cutting machine has been specially developed for southern European requirements and product specifications.

Slicer Selectra SL 30 XL

Broadening of the Selectra SL 30 to product widths (bread lengths) up to 550 mm.

Slicer Selectra SL 30 XXL

Broadening of the Selectra SL 30 to product widths (bread lengths) up to 650 mm.

Tray loader KP 30

The tray loader KP 30 is the supplement to the automatic pillow packaging machine: Packaged products are loaded in line in supplied trays.

KP 30
Automat for pillow packaging PP 30

The first machine for packaging hamburger rolls and hotdog rolls in pillow packaging will be designed, built and later delivered this year. Many details characterize the following machines of this series.


Hartmann PP 30 old
Packaging machine VBA 40

System for vertical filling with bulk goods. Automatic bag feed and integrated closing unit make the machine very compact.

VBA 40 alt
Automatic packaging machine GBK 430

Packaging machine GBK430 with various technical differences and higher equipment than the packaging machine GBK 420

Horizontal band slicer HB 1 and HB 2

Machine for the horizontal cut of bread rolls, hot dogs, bagels and similar products. Version HB 1 with single cut, version HB 2 with optional double cut.

Bandschneider HB 1 und HB 2
Slicer Selectra SL 20

The slicer Selectra SL 20 serves the small and medium-sized bakeries with a simplified equipment.

S 20 old
Closing machine EC 140 S

Special variant especially for use in small shop-bakeries.

EC 140 S Globus
Packaging machine GBK 420

Automatic packaging machine GBK420 with significantly increased cycle performance.

GBK 420 old
Closing machine EC 104

Closing machine for products on trays and oblong product formats.

Verschließgerät EC 104
Slicer Selectra SL 30

Band slicer Selectra SL 30 for industrial production. Due to the solid construction, this machine type has become the backbone of many systems and developments and has already been delivered a hundredfold.

S 30
Packaging machine VS 320

The packaging machine VS 320 is the basic machine of further types for the packaging of stacks of horizontal orientated products.

VS 320 alt
Automatic packaging machine GBK 220

Machine for packing sliced ​​and uncut breads with upright standing slices. Application also for packaging of grouped products.

GBK 220
Slicer Selectra SL 50

First band slicer by GHD Hartmann for upright standing bread slices.


SL 50 old
Disc slicer HS 2

First version of the machine for slicing hotdog, burger rolls, sandwich or similar products.


HS2 old
Automatic packaging machine GBK 205

Packaging machine GBK 205 for smaller capacities and tight space.

GBK 205 old
Closing machine EC 150 V8 SV

Servo-driven closing machine for bulk goods with capacities of up to 100 cycles / min

EC 150 SV alt
Packaging machine GBK 410

"Quickly packaged in double stroke" - the first packaging machine with 2 alternately working slide arms.

GBK 410 old

Closing machine for vertically filled bags.

Closing machine EC 135

The EC 135 closing machine is an ideal complement to attach a closure underneath a vertical bagger.

EC 135 alt
Revolving table DT 1

Revolving table for intermediate buffering and hand removal of ready closed bags.

DT 1 history
Automatic packaging machine GBK 210 with one-stroke

Extension of the packaging machine GBK 210 with a one-stroke. For the first time both whole and standing slices can be packed.

GBK 210 mit Eintakter
Closing machine EC 150 V4

Closing machine EC 150 V4 for closing tubular bags with bulk material.

EC 150 V
Closing machine EC 101 K

Bag filling and closing machine EC 101 K with fixed closing unit and drive-dependent cycle power.

EC 101 k old
Packaging machine VS 310

Automatic packaging machine VS 310 for horizontal discs. There were different variants of this type.

VS 310
Closing machine EC 101 I

Bag filling and sealing machine EC 101 I with intermittent operation of the closing machine.

EC 101 I
Closing machine EC 140

Closing machine EC 140 for manual filling with automatic closing system

EC 140
Closing machine EC 130

The closing machine EC 130 is a small, universally applicable machine for a variety of uses.

EC 130 alt
Automatic packaging machine GBK 210

The packaging machine GBK 210 for packing sliced ​​and uncut breads with upright standing bread slices.

GBK 210
Automatic packaging machine GBK 835

First packaging machine for whole breads

GBK 835
Automatic packaging machine VS 800
VS 800
Packaging machine VS 780
VS 780
Prototype VS 700

Prototype of the first packaging machine

VS 700 Prototyp