Company history

More than 80 years Hartmann

Awarded as a certified, approved training company
Auszeichnung herausragende Ausbildungsleistungen 2019
Obituary Johannes Hartmann

At the beginning of 2019, company founder and senior partner Johannes Hartmann died.

The development and manufacture of packaging machines in 1969 laid the foundation for the success of today's company. He was known and appreciated for his proximity to the customer, technical innovation, and the continuous development of the company.


Bild Johannes Hartmann
Joining the BEMA
80th birthday of Johannes Hartmann
Geburtstag 80 JH
Model of the company headquarters for the 80th birthday of Johannes Hartmann

For the 80th birthday of Johannes Hartmann a model of the company location is created. The model shows the entire building complex with some details such as the solar panels on the flat roof, but also flags for greeting foreign guests and miniature cars on the employee parking lot and customer parking.

In 2016, the 2-storey production hall, which is being built on the site of the very first production hall, is not yet ready for occupancy. With the turn of the year 2016/2017, production and assembly can be started in these areas.

In 2017, in addition to the halls shown in the model, additional space leased in the neighborhood will be in use by GHD Hartmann.

Firma 2016
Joining the IVLV
IBA Award 2012

Awarded the IBA Award 2012 for weight-accurate slicing, portioning and packaging of bread bars.

IBA-Award 2012
Awarded as a certified, approved training company
Assembly hall for slicing machinery assembling

In 2010 the construction of the assembly hall for bread slicers took place. This building also contains workshop space and other office space.

Schneiderbau 2010
Handover of the management

Kristina Hartmann-Wook and Thomas Wook take over the management of the company from Klara and Johannes Hartmann. The company is now run as a family business in its third generation.

IBA Award 2009

Presentation of the IBA Award 2009 for packaging machines.

IBA Award 2009 IBA Award 2009 Urkunde
Assembly hall for packaging machines and systems

The increase in the number of orders, but also the scope of the individual deliveries, requires an expansion by a hall for the assembly of packaging machines and systems. In addition, the area for mechanical production is expanded.

Hartmann 2008
Hall for mechanical parts production

Expansion of production capacity by construction of a new hall for mechanical parts production. The large number of CNC-controlled processing machines requires the construction of their own hall. In addition, we added an office building for work preparation.

The appearance of the administration building changes due to the extension of the second floor level.

Mechanische Fertigung
Extension of the areas for production and parts storage

Renewed expansion of the production area by a much larger hall tract. In the hall, the new two-storey parts warehouse finds the required space.

 Hallenbau 1999
New construction of office and hall space

Hall extension of 1,600 m². In addition, a two-storey office building with 400 m² will be constructed. The visitor entrance will be relocated to the new office building at Schwalbenweg 24.

Hartmann 1997
Change of the company name

The company “Georg Hartmann (Ing.)” became the “Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH” in 1981. The logo with vertically arranged letters GHD is initially retained. „GHD“ stands for „Georg Hartmann Delbrück“.

Logo alt
First foreign representation

The Finnish company RK-Tek is the first foreign agency. The business relationship is developing very well. Since then a long friendship connects family Hartmann with the family Kiiski in Finland.

New building at Schwalbenweg

New construction of a 1,200 m² production hall with office wing at Schwalbenweg 12, in the business park West Delbrück. When moving in, the company has 13 employees, including 3 apprentices. At this time is manufactured almost exclusively for regional customers.

Halle 1980
Development of the first prototype of a packaging machine

At the request of a local bakery, the son Johannes Hartmann develops a packaging machine in his parents' company. The success is great, so that quickly a large demand arises from it.

VS 700 Prototyp 3
Founding of the company Hartmann

The history of today’s GHD Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH begins in 1933. Ing. Georg Hartmann founds a turning shop that works as a repair shop and supplier for the local craft industry. The company is located in „Lange Straße 40, Delbrück“.

Georg Hartmann