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Whether new machines, new personnel or changed product specifications. There are a variety of reasons why your staff needs to be trained in safe handling of the GHD machines. We respond to your wishes!

Training during installation and commissioning:

- Training of service personnel on site

- Training of operating personnel on site

- Training of cleaning personnel on site

The exact need and your wishes are precisely defined when placing the order. Before starting the assembly work and commissioning, the persons named by you will be trained on specific tasks. The safe handling and use of the machines and systems is guaranteed from the beginning.

Training is carried out together with specialists from our national representations in order to facilitate optimal communication in the local language.


Training of new staff for existing facilities:

On-site training is provided to demonstrate and practice the safe use of GHD technology. They define which training goals should be met and which staff will attend the training.


Training of qualified personnel after plant modifications:

Training is provided on-site to demonstrate and practice safe handling of the modified GHD technique. Depending on the scope of modification, special training for service, operation and hygiene may be required.


Training of qualified personnel at GHD Hartmann:

In certain cases, staff training at GHD Hartmann may be useful. In rare cases, this applies to pre-training before delivery of machines and systems. If required, GHD Hartmann also trains service technicians of customers who use a large number of machines in their daily work. The planning and execution of maintenance work can be trained for the customer-specific machine park.