SW 40

    L- Sealing unit - SW 40

    SW 40 Türen

    L - Sealing unit SW 40 - Hoods and Access

    SW 40 Türen

    L - Sealing unit SW 40 - Hoods and Access

    Film magazin

    SW 40 Foil feed

    SW 40
    SW 40 Türen
    SW 40 Türen
    Film magazin
    Zeichnung SW 40
    Linie SW40
    Zeichnung SW 40
    Linie SW40
    Standard specification
    Welded machine frame, stainless steel, standard
    Panels, doors and electrical cabinet or switchbox made from stainless steel
    Hasp locking for cover panels
    Protection hoods made of polycarbonate
    Footrests without dowel holes
    Conveyor system with adjustable speed
    Smooth PU carrying belt with cleaning lip on the outside to the product infeed
    Infeed belt can be moved laterally for manual film setup
    Stainless steel lateral guides above product infeed, manually adjustable
    Film magazine, 1 roll with manually adjustable unwinding position
    Manual set-up mode for film infeed
    Permanent heated sealing units, non-stick coated
    Crosswise sealing beam, permanently heated, pneumatically operated
    Adjustment unit for crosswise sealing beam, manual positioning in height and width
    Transverse sealing station can be pulled out laterally
    Cutting welding roller for longitudinal sealing, permanently heated, pneumatically operated
    Longitudinal sealing unit manually swiveable - simplified accessibility to the sealing wheel
    Protection hood for lenghwise sealing aggregate
    Venting of the package via lance according to injector principle
    Winding roll for film residues, driven
    Smooth PU carrying belt with cleaning lip on the outside to the product infeed
    Electric socket, (SchuKo) 240V, 16A (or customer-specific)
    Signal lamp - red / green
    Signal horn
    Switch cabinet with hasp locking
    Switch cabinet with fan+filter system - standard-
    Comfort-operating panel, rotatable with support arm system
    Controls + touchpanel Omron
    Automatic Stand-By in case of missing products
    Frequency converter Hitachi
    Electric execution according to CE-specification
    Operating language and labels in German language
    Operating manual in German language
    Spare parts catalogue in German language
    Protection hoods made of perforated stainless steel panels
    Additional signal lamp
    Switch cabinet with air-conditioning
    Frequency converter SEW
    Frequency converter Allen Bradley
    Voltage modulation, 3-phase
    Electric execution according to UL-specification
    Customer-specific special machine modifications
    Customer-specific operating language and labels
    Customer-specific operation manually
    Hartmann L-Sealer
    Hartmann L-Sealer 2
    Hartmann L-Sealer 3
    Hartmann L-Sealer 4

    SW 40

    The HARTMANN L-sealing unit SW 40 is ideal for the film full wrapping of individual or grouped products. Variable pack sizes meet specific market requirements and product-specific conditions.

    The packaging is made of an endless film, which is folded and fed transversely by a roll in double layers. Within the machine, the products run in between the separated upper and lower film. A device allows suction of the package before sealing. The film is welded in the transverse and longitudinal direction. Film remnants in width are collected via a winding roll.

    Good accessibility is made possible by large hoods and movable or swivelling units. Adjustment devices are directly accessible and enable optimal handling.

    Technical specifications
    Dimensions: Length: approx. 2350 mm, Width: approx. 1700 mm, Height: approx. 2250 mm
    Weight: approx. 1300 kg
    Product dimensions: Length: 250 - 600 mm, Width: 200 - 400 mm, Height: 80 - 170 mm
    Capacity: depending on products and packing scheme, theoretical max. 1200 packages/h (max. 20 packages/min)
    Speed: adjustable
    Controller: Omron
    Operating panel: Touch panel
    Control voltage: 24 V, DC
    Frequency controller: Hitachi
    Pneumatic system: Festo
    Power supply: 400 Volt / 50 Hz
    Power consuption: approx. 4 kW
    Compressed air: min. 6,0 bar (ISO 8573-1)
    Packing material: Product specific: Films on rolls, folded in double layers
    Operating side: left / right
    Protection class: IP 54
    Adjustment: manual